Preparing Your Home for Pictures

Get your Northeast Atlanta home ready for pictures.The first step to getting your Northeast Atlanta home ready to be photographed for listing is a really thorough deep clean. Next, make sure all your light fixtures have new, bright bulbs. Whether you hire a professional home stager or do it yourself, plan to remove about half of the furniture you currently own to open up the space. The photographer will probably take pictures from the doorway of each room, so make sure to plan the room’s design from that perspective. Windows and other built-in features of the room are important to show off.

Declutter Northeast Atlanta Real Estate for Best Photographs

Go through each room of your Northeast Atlanta home and remove the random bits and pieces that tend to collect on tables, dressers, and bookshelves. In the living room or family room, a vase of flowers on a coffee table or a beautiful art book photograph nicely. If you have a lot of books, you should take out the well-loved paperbacks and just keep the attractive hardcovers. Arrange them symmetrically or by color for a pleasing aesthetic. A couple of patterned or brightly colored throw pillows on a neutral couch or chair will also look classy. If you have a television or other electronics, arrange the cords so they’re neat and out of the way. In the kitchen, clear appliances off the counters. A bowl of fruit or potted plant add a nice touch. In the bathrooms, remove soap and beauty products from the counters.

Don’t forget the exterior of your Northeast Atlanta real estate. Hire a landscaping company to neaten up the grass and flowers or do it yourself. Sweep the front porch and walkway and make sure it’s well-lit. Good preparation for the photographer will mean that the pictures look good and your house will sell more quickly.