What Will It Take To Sell Your Atlanta Home?

Selling your Atlanta home is all about knowing the local housing market and pricing your home correctly. Pricing your home is a very individual process and we can help you determine market trends and match your home to comparable properties. As seasoned agents familiar with the Atlanta area, we can help you make the right choices when it comes to selling your home, too.

Home prices that are inflated can result in more days on the market and less buyer response, so it's important that your home is priced correctly. Buyers get excited about new listings, so realistic pricing is key to getting people to tour and make offers on your Atlanta home, particularly when you first list your home.

Once we've set the price, we then showcase or "stage" your home to entice buyers. Qualified buyers will be impressed by the simple measures we take to dress up your home and feel impressed to make you an offer on your home.

If your home's location or design is unique, you'll find that buyers will be intrigued as we showcase these features. Our marketing plan guarantees maximum exposure - through pricing, staging, agent accessibility, and visibility, both on and offline. Our goal is the successful sale of your Atlanta home and we will do our best to achieve that and find you the right buyer.

Tips for Selling your Atlanta Home

1. Get your neighbors help! Your neighbors are going to want a say in who their new neighbors are going to be, so get them involved in your selling process! Invite them to your open house events so that they can help sell the neighborhood and ask them to share posts about your home on Facebook in case they have any friends looking for a home!

2. In addition to clearing your house of any clutter, clear out your closets and cabinets! Buyers, whether you like it or not, are going to snoop around your home and a great selling point for our real estate agents to emphasize is the amount of storage space the home comes with! When buyers look through your cabinets and closets, make sure they see a large space with great storage potential. 

3. Have a great availability when it comes to showing your home. As real estate agents, we have seen so many great homes go unnoticed because the sellers only allowed for visitors during difficult time frames in the day. We understand that there are certain times you don't want buyers looking at your home, but if you're serious about selling your home quickly, don't make it difficult for our agents to get buyers into your home.

4. Be thorough when checking your home for small damages. Little scratches and nicks, or doorknobs and cabinets doors that don't work can deter buyers who are looking at multiple homes. Small upgrades and fixes can add up and help sell your home!

5. You've heard it before, but it's so important, de-personalize your home as much as possible! Take out your family photo frames, religious trinkets, and memorabilia collections. This not only helps your home to look more spacious, but it also helps your home to appeal to a wider variety of buyers. 

6. Consider leaving behind a few personal property items such as a refrigerator or a TV! So many homes nowadays come with closing perks, so look for ways to provide potential buyers with additional benefits that can help set your home apart from other homes that are of similar value. 

7. Hide all signs of pets. We love your cuddly pets just as much as you do, but to potential home buyers, signs of pets can cause them to worry about damages and hair in the home. You want your home to appeal to a broad range of buyers, including those who may be allergic to dogs and cats. Try to hide your pet's toys, water and food bowls, and beds when you know buyers are coming to look at your home. 

8. Don't forget about exterior upgrades! So many sellers focus all of their attention on making the inside of their home look immaculate that they forget about the exterior...but that's the first thing a buyer sees! Simple paint jobs, landscaping projects, and the addition of small furniture pieces such as rocking chairs can really enhance the appearance of your home and help create the story of a buyers' future life there!

9. Keep a watch on your competition! Although our real estate team is always staying updated on the local real estate market, it's a good idea for you to be knowledgeable about how homes in the area are decorating and staging their homes for buyers! 

10. Have a great team of real estate agents supporting you! The Bunch Team at Keller Williams has years of experience helping people sell their home for the price they want and within the time frame they need. It's so important to have a team of experts on your side who know the market and know how to market your home perfectly. The Bunch Team understands the ins and outs of home selling, and we being able to help families move out of one great home and into another!

Contact The Bunch Team at Keller Williams to begin your easy and expert home selling process! Call us at 678-775-2605!