Staging Your Home

Read our Northeast Atlanta home staging tips.In today’s competitive market, it’s vital that your home look its absolute best when potential buyers come for a showing. To get your Northeast Atlanta home in shape, you should first study current real estate listings. Think about which ones appeal to you and why. You will almost certainly need to pare down the amount of stuff that is in your house to help it feel larger. Pack up your bookcases and most of your personal photos, because you want buyers to be able to imagine their life in a Northeast Atlanta property, not your life. Most homes will also need new paint and possibly new floors. Neutrals are usually the wisest option, though a few pops of color can add a lot of interest. Check with your real estate agent about current trends.

Fresh Paint and Bright Lighting Show off Northeast Atlanta Property

Once you’ve pared down your furniture, deep cleaned, and repainted, think about how to arrange rooms to appear larger. A room feels better when furniture is away from the walls in cozy conversational groupings. Bright, warm lighting also brings out the best in a house. Be sure that closets are decluttered to look spacious. Bedrooms should be cozy and inviting. A kitchen can be updated affordably with new cabinet doors and hardware.

Finally, remember the exterior of your Northeast Atlanta home. Freshen up your landscaping with new flowers. A new front door or just a new coat of paint, as well as attractive light fixtures and clear house numbers all show that the house has been taken care of and create a good first impression.